Is file size important when printing?

Steve explains why File Size is important when printing.

File size is less important than in the past. In the eighties there was the ZX81. This came with a whopping 1kb of memory! In the early nineties it took a speedy one minute to transfer files of about 1 mb via ISDN. In the noughties hard drives had hundreds of megabytes of

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Need help running for Council Election #2

The NSW council elections are now just over 5 weeks away...

Are you prepared for the council election on September 9? With less than 6 weeks to go until the council election it is essential that you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure you are prepared. By now you should have your team/ticket selected and you need to promote yourselves. Have you

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5 Ways Graphic Design Can Improve Your Business

Let's take a moment to appreciate 5 ways quality design can help you grow your business.

Our graphic designer Sylvie is passionate about design and is happy to help with all your design needs regardless of whether you have a clear vision or you need to start from scratch. She believes quality graphic design is essential in business. Sylvie and the team at Northern Beaches Printing have the expertise to assist

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The writing of ‘The Garth Trilogy’

Lynette Mcdermott, an Australian author, is writing a trilogy based on the surprising story of how her ancestors came to Australia!

Northern Beaches Printing have worked with inspiring Author, Lynette McDermott in printing and perfect binding her second book; ‘Perseverance’  in The Garth Trilogy. She recently did a guest spot on a UK blog all about her experiences writing the Garth Trilogy and how she made her ideas come to life. Have a read. What

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Need help running for the Council Election?

Giving yourself the best chance

Congratulations on nominating for election to your local council. Now you need to give yourself, and/or your team the best chance of election. You need to expose your face and promote your team; explain your policies and why you are standing; and show people how they can vote for you and your team. There

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Dolphin Freedom for Wally and Molly

Georgie Dolphins first book printed by us

My new children’s book called ‘Dolphin Freedom for Wally and Molly’ promotes dolphin freedom to children aged 3+ and explains the difference between life in captivity to life in the wild in a child-friendly manner.  The 30-page full colour book tells the story of two very special dolphins named Wally and Molly. During his adventures,

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Northern Beaches Printing Now Offers Illustration

We explain the benefit of illustrations and show examples of some done by our Graphic Designer, Sylvie.

Customised illustrations are a great way to create imagery that is unique to your business. Our Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Sylvie has a quirky and fun drawing style. Situations where you could use illustrations are: Illustrating books Logos Poster illustrations Sylvie offers a range of styles for her digital drawings including doing pencil sketches

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Warringah Chamber of Commerce and Industries Select Northern Beaches Printing’s , Gordon Lang to Receive their Award

Warringah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Gordon Lang, the Managing Director of Docmaster and Northern Beaches Printing. The President Samantha King presented the award on behalf of the Executive Committee to Gordon as part of the Chambers recognition of champions within the business community. Gordon received

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Gifts to Give Clients this Christmas

Providing gifts to clients this Christmas can be great for a set of reasons...

Providing gifts to clients can do wonders for building your relationship. A gift and/or card can show that they are appreciated. Knowing that they are recognised, a kind gesture like this can be the reason they choose you over a competitor next time. A gift is also great for branding. It can be seen as powerful

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Business Cards and Why YOU Need Them

Business cards are seen as professional and important for any field of work. We explain why below...

Sometimes the littlest things we do send out the biggest messages. This is why having a business card that advertises you, your product/s or services is so important. A business card can give the first impressions of your business and brand. Having your details displayed clean, professionally and represents the brand’s ethos is

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We create designs that work and attract your target market

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Whatever your printing needs are, we can customise an end-to-end printing solution

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It’s the finishing touches that will make your print job stand out from the rest.

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We are the only accredited mail house on the Northern Beaches.

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Fulfilment or ‘pick and pack’ is a system where we collate, package and post materials on your behalf.

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