Postcards and Letters

If you are looking for an incredibly versatile, cost-effective, high quality targeted marketing tool… we can show you how well postcards work for any sized business.

Postcards are:

  • easy to develop
  • fast and easy to print
  • instantly noticed
  • cost-effective and affordable
  • easy to distribute
  • have a proven track record of success

Postcards can be highly targeted to the specific needs of your customers… so you are not wasting your marketing dollars chasing the wrong clients.

We also print letters

Reduce and control your mail costs by letting us take care of your letters.

Whatever your business, we can assist you with printing, folding, barcoding, addressing and sending letters.

Your information is confidential and secure and you can send any volume of mail without leaving your desk.

We design and customise

We can add a variety of finishes to your postcards and letters that will really make them noticed. Cello-glazing, foiling, embossing and die-cutting are just some of the finishes that will attract your customer’s attention.

We also offer a high level of customisation, allowing you to effectively and accurately target your desired audience. Customisation options for postcards and letters include:

*Use of date *Segmentation *Placing in envelopes

We can distribute

As the Northern Beaches only mailhouse and an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner, we can take care of your all postcard distribution needs.

When we mail your postcards and letters directly to your customers, you can get on with operating your business and planning your next marketing campaign.

Docmaster has been our preferred partner for managing all of our highly specialised integrated marketing campaigns since 2007. I haven't needed to look elsewhere. Phil Cranch - The Crystal Agency
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